Activists Celebrate Anniversary of SOPA/PIPA Demise

One year since Web blackout helped turn Congress against antipiracy bills
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Some Internet activists and opponents of recent
congressional attempts to pass antipiracy legislation were celebrating on

That is because it is the one-year anniversary of the defeat
of the Stop Online Piracy Act. Technically, it is the anniversary of the Web
blackout protest (Jan. 20 was the date Congress tabled the House bill and its
Protect IP Act [PIPA] complement in the Senate). That
included Google, Craigslist and Wikipedia.

"We are grateful that one year ago today Internet users,
along with public interest groups and Internet companies, halted extreme
copyright legislation that would have altered and harmed the Internet,"
said Computer & Communications Industry Association president and CEO Ed
Black in a statement. "Once even a piece of Internet freedom is lost, it
is hard to get it back."

suggested the fight for those pieces of the Internet was not over. "While
there is an overwhelming realization on Capitol Hill, thanks to the SOPA
defeat, that measures that tinker with how the Internet works can have
collateral damage, we expect those pushing for extreme copyright enforcement
measures will try again."


Smith Circulates New Version of SOPA

Bill only targets foreign sites, no longer allows for redirection from an infringing site, ISPs have the flexibility to determine how best to comply and narrows the definition of rogue Web site