Academy Picks Hall of Famers


The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has picked its latest inductees to the academy Hall of Fame.

The new members are:

•Former NBC News Nightly News Anchor and best-selling author Tom Brokaw;

•Sitcom behind-the-camera star James Burrow (Frasier, Will & Grace, Friends, Wings, Night Court, Taxi....;
•Leonard Goldberg (of Spelling-Goldberg), whose TV movie credits include the acclaimed Brian's Song and Something About Amelia;
•William Shatner, who has become the poster-actor for second acts having shattered the typecast of Captain Kirk with the equally memorable Denny Crain of ABC's Boston Legal; and host extraordinaire Regis Philbin (Millionaire, Regis & Kelly), who has been on camera 15,000 hours, more than anyone else in TV.

Details of the induction ceremony are to come, but it will be in Hollywood.

The last group to be inducted--it is not an annual ritual--was in 2003, consisting of Bob Barker, Art Carney, Katie Couric, Dan Rather and Brandon Tartikoff. The ceremony wasn't held until February 2004, at the Academy, but a spokeswoman said this ceremony will definitely be this year.