ACA: Small And Midsized Cable Ops Key To Closing Broadband Gap

Industry group lobbies the FCC

The American Cable Association (ACA) wants the FCC to give preference to small and mid-sized cable operators in coming up with a plan to get broadband service to rural areas, saying that is the best way to close the broadband gap.

That should come as no surprise since ACA represents small and mid-sized cable operators, which it suggests already have the "financial, managerial, operational, and technical experience running broadband networks" in rural areas.

The FCC is required by the 2008 farm bill to come up with a rural broadband rollout plan by May 22. That is not to be confused with the national broadband rollout plan Congress has asked it to come up with by next year, though the two are obviously related.

In comments filed at the FCC, ACA said its members were "uniquely situated to help achieve the goals of a rural broadband strategy."

The government has over $7 billion in broadband grants, loans and loan guarantees available through the economic stimulus package, which are be used to extend broadband to rural and urban unserved and underserved areas.