ACA: Our Members Don't Warrant Title II

American Cable Association chief says lawsuit is an option

Title II fan President Obama may have gone to Cedar Falls, Iowa, to talk up the municipal broadband system there, but that system is no big fan of Title II.  

Cedar Falls Utilities marketing manager Betty Zeman was among a group of small and medium-sized broadband providers on a conference call with reporters Tuesday (Feb. 3) to express their concerns about the FCC's plans to reclassify Internet access under some Title II regulations.  

They also made their case to the FCC in meetings last week.  

Zeman said she would not know exactly what was in the Title II order until she saw it, but that it could include a review of interconnection and that would be expensive to defend, and that such a review would not change any outcomes because they are already working with edge providers but could increase their cost of compliance.

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