ABC Tops Nielsen Ratings … for Web Sites Gets Most Traffic, Followed by Sites of NBC, CBS, Fox, YouTube
Original: gets the most traffic from viewers looking to catch up on broadcast TV shows they have missed.

According to a Nielsen Media Research survey of 1,500 adults, 50% of the total said they go to Next was at 41%, followed by at 37%, at 24% and YouTube rounding out the top five at 17%.

Writers striking over how much they will be paid for multiplatform uses of their content: Take note. The study found, not surprisingly, that younger viewers (the 18-34 demo) are two-and-a-half times more likely to take an aggressive, new-tech approach on catching up on TV shows, with 56% saying they use digital-video recorders, the Internet, or MP3 players to view the shows, compared with only 21% for viewers 55-plus.

One-quarter of the respondents said they had watched an entire episode of a TV show online in the past three months. For 18-34s, that number was 39%, while it was only 11% for those 55-plus.