ABC Reportedly Has Idol Tapes


The Drudge Report ( has apparently drudged up what ABC’s Primetime Live will expose Wednesday night in its heavily hyped special on American Idol.

Drudge says the ABC newsmagazine, taking aim at America’s most-watched show as it enters its final weeks this season, is preparing to play late night phone calls and answering machine messages that allegedly tie Idol judge Paula Abdul to an inappropriate relationship with a 22-year-old contestant (widely reported to be second season contestant Corey Clark).

Abdul’s attorney, Marty Singer, already denied the claims and threatened to sue ABC after reports surfaced last week that Abdul personally coached a favorite contestant and tried to cover up the breach.

Drudge, however, says ABC lawyers are confident the audio evidence and video material that Primetime Live has gathered, which is also said to involve interviews with former contestants that did not get special treatment, will pass any legal challenges.

Asking rhetorically whether Abdul will be the next person to be “booted off” of Idol, Drudge goes on to quote an unnamed “top” Fox executive who labels the ABC report “tabloid trash.” It also says Fox owner Rupert Murdoch has questioned the timing of the report to his top executives and believes ABC is attempting to maliciously “destroy” the as yet unstoppable series, which has been building up steam heading into the home stretch.

For the record, Fox was preparing a comment at press time and ABC have no coment.