ABC report appears to trouble White House


Was the White House so angry over an ABC News story about plummeting morale
in the military that it tried to further out an already outed correspondent?

Although the White House denied knowledge of the incident, cyber-columnist
Matt Drudge told The Washington Post a White House communications
staffer steered him to a story, along with a profile of reporter Jeffrey Kofman,
in gay-oriented The Advocate.

The move backfired. Drudge said he’d been unaware of the low-morale story
prior to the tip, and he touted it on his popular Web site for hours, quoting
one soldier calling for secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation.

"At the end of the day, those kinds of tactics almost always backfire," ABC
News spokesman Jeffrey Schneider told Broadcasting & Cable. "But it’s
pretty sad when somebody feels the need to go after an accurate, truthful report
with some kind of personal attack."