ABC Plans Fall Dance


ABC has tentatively slotted the return of its hit reality show Dancing with the Stars for Wednesdays and Thursdays this fall beginning Sept. 13, according to an offer made to a potential contestant.

On The Howard SternShow on Sirius Satellite Radio Tuesday morning, Stern read on-air an offer made to his girlfriend, model Beth Ostrosky, to appear as a contestant on the show.

According to the document read by Stern, Ostrosky would earn a minimum of $125,000 for appearing on the show, though that number could grow to between $245,000 and $295,000 if she were to advance into later stages of the competition.

Stern said the ABC show would send a dance trainer to tutor Ostrosky for six weeks prior to the September launch of the third cycle of the show, which is tentatively slated to run into early November.

An ABC spokesperson declined to comment on the offer or its contents.