ABC News unveils summer docs


ABC News will take viewers inside Boston's City Hall, a Phoenix courthouse
and an Arkansas intensive-care unit with three documentary specials airing this

ABC unveiled plans Thursday in New York for 15 hours of news specials.

"There was no overall [documentary] strategy for summer 2002, but more of a
general commitment to this kind of programming," ABC News president David
Westin said.

Producers said the three projects finished around the same time because they
were all delayed by Sept. 11 and ensuing news coverage.

Boston 24/7, inspired by previous ABC project Hopkins 24/7, goes inside
multiple aspects of Boston's government and social services. The crew had
unfettered access to Mayor Thomas Menino, and it also followed police, a
handicapped female Emergency Medical Technician worker and a Boston Herald crime reporter, among
others. Boston 24/7 premieres June 4 and will air over five

State v. documents the Phoenix legal system, including defense,
prosecutors, the courtroom and jury deliberations. The five-part special will
air on Wednesday nights beginning June 19 through July 17.

The third project, ICU, follows 13 months in the lives of the staff at
Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock, Ark. ICU began as a
PrimeTime Thursday newsmagazine piece, but it evolved into a series focusing
on doctors and nurses. "This looks more like an entertainment script than a news
script," executive producer David Doss said. ICU debuts Aug. 7 and will
air over four Wednesday nights.