ABC News Sets Its Sights On The Economy

"America's Economy: What's The Fix?" will air across ABC News platforms.

Starting Sunday ABC News will feature a week-long series, “America’s Economy: What’s the Fix?” which will air on the network’s broadcast, radio, and digital platforms. The series kicks off with an interview of President-elect Barack Obama on This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

Throughout the week ABC News will explore key economic issues and possible solutions. The series will be part of Good Morning America, World News with Charles Gibson, and Nightline. It will also be featured on ABC News Radio, ABC News Now, and ABC NewsOne.

Each day’s programming will focus on a separate part of the problem—the housing crisis, unemployment, the country’s changing consumer culture—and what it will take for the economy to get back on track.   

The majority of Americans believe the economy is the single most important issue of the year for President-elect Barack Obama, according to a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll. The President-elect is expected to discuss his economic stimulus plan in his interview with Stephanopoulos. 

The division-wide effort is the most recent in a string of investigative features on ABC News. The 2007 series “Iraq: Where Things Stand,” won an Emmy award. Other features have included “Afghanistan: Where Things Stand,” and “50 States in 50 Days.”