ABC News pulls interviews from special


ABC News will excise several interviews with grade school children from an environmental special airing Friday night in response to parents' objections about the way those interviews were conducted.

Parents of grade school kids in Santa Monica, Cal., raised concerns that ABC correspondent John Stossel had played on the children's fears about global warming to elicit certain responses from their children. The segment in the Tampering with Nature special aims to show what American school children are learning about the environment. The one-minute segment will be excised, and an ABC News spokesman said Stossel is attempting to conduct a new set of interviews in time for the Friday airdate.

In a prepared statement late Tuesday, ABC News said that, despite the fact the parents consented when the interviews were conducted two months ago, the network "is sensitive when parents raise objections regarding the appearance of their young children on television and will consider such objections carefully."
- Richard Tedesco