ABC kicks around family concept


ABC executives and the network's affiliate Board of Governors talked for the first time Wednesday about Disney's plans for newly acquired ABC Family.

The two sides held a conference call to discuss ABC's re-purposing plans for the new cable network, which network executives have stated they want to push many ABC News and primetime series onto in the coming months. "My overall take was that it was a positive exchange about the general state of what we are going to do with the channel and what role ABC programming may play in that," ABC TV President Alex Wallau said after the call. "We didn't get too specific because this all just went down and we need to get our act together internally."

Wallau said earlier in the week that the network is looking to restructure its affiliate contract to encompass more re-purposing issues. ABC currently has a deal with its' affiliates that allows the network to re-air 25% of its primetime scripted series.

Wallau, who was in Los Angeles to announce the network's first-ever talent development scholarship and grant program, also said he will be meeting July 31 with members of top minority organizations to discuss ABC's progress on minority initiatives. - Joe Schlosser