ABC Feels Good About Reality 'Ex' Factor


You’re recently divorced. Having a hard time. Suddenly, you see Marla Maples, Angie Everhart and Shar Jackson descending on you. Another episode of Fear Factor? No, it’s a new ABC project, The Ex-Wives Club, the latest incarnation of the feel-good reality genre.

Premise: Semi-famous ex-wives help folks coming off a bad divorce or break-up, offering everything from makeovers to financial advice. Think The View meets Queer Eye.

For those keeping score at home, Maples’ ex is Donald Trump, and Everhart’s is Ashley Hamilton. Everhart is also the near-ex of Sylvester Stallone, to whom she was once engaged. Jackson was just Kevin Federline’s girlfriend, but she was pregnant when he left her for Britney Spears, so that sort of qualifies.

The show, which will feature both men and women looking to bounce back from their marital misfortunes, comes from Glassman Media, producer of Three Wishes, the NBC Friday-night reality show in which Amy Grant bestows aid on the "deserving," as the network emphasizes. NBC recently picked up Three Wishes for six more episodes (making it an 18-wish deal?).

The Ex-Wives pilot was shot last spring, and now ABC has ordered casting for five episodes. It could be ready for midseason if the network wants to rush, but a source tells us ABC schedulers don’t see an opening before next summer. is soliciting applications to be on the show, and a casting-call tour is under way (next stop: Hue restaurant in Orlando, Fla., on Nov. 17).

The online casting call promises that, if selected for the show, "You will be spoiled, pampered and showered with gifts worth thousands of dollars!" Wait, isn’t that what Trump told Maples?