ABC Family Puts the ARG in Fallen


ABC Family is readying an online "alternative reality game" for its upcoming original movie Fallen. This type of game, commonly referred to as "ARG," aims to involve viewers with the movies' mythological story and characters, as well as with each other, by directing them to find clues both online and off.

The network is currently pitching the game to advertisers, likening it to The Lost Experience, the ARG designed by the writers and producers of ABC’s Lost. Fallen, which premieres as a two-hour movie on July 23 and will eventually run as a limited series, chronicles an adopted teen who realizes he is a liaison between angels and mortals.

While branching onto multiple platforms, Family’s committed to developing original programs for cable first and foremost, says network President Paul Lee. That includes this summer’s hit Kyle XY and end-of-the-world comedic drama Three Moons Over Milford, which premieres Aug. 6.

"We have a tremendous amount of faith in family drama," Lee said, addressing television critics in Pasadena. "We can say, ‘look, let’s take a cop show, a sci-fi show, a mythology show, and meld that together with family drama. We think this network, with this name, that’s the right thing to do for this audience."