ABC Expands Election Coverage


ABC News will expand its prime time election coverage by a half hour, starting at 9:30 instead of 10 Tuesday night, the network confirms.

To get a jump on the broadcast competition's 10 p.m. election specials, ABC will pull the Ted Danson sitcom Help Me, Help You  for the night, which has needed some help of its own as it hs continued to lose viewers from its strong Dancing with the Stars lead-in.

A network news executive said that the electoin night expansion is "something we have been lobbying for. It's a huge story and everyone is elated to have the extra time to tell it."

The Democrats are poised to take back the House after a dozen years, with the Senate expected to stay Republican by a smidge barring Dems drawing to an insight straight, as ABC's Chief Washignton Correspondent, George Stephanopoulos, put it Tuesday.

World News anchor Charlie Gibson and Stephanopoulos will co-anchor the coverage from New York.