ABC Engaged to Kelley


ABC plans a wedding with David E. Kelley and Jason Katims, picking up an untitled pilot about three young women who have inherited their bitterly-divorced parents' wedding palace in Long Island.

"Great characters, some really wicked, season-long story arcs, character arcs, and some very, very funny episodic stories," said ABC Entertainment President Susan Lyne. "It is a wildly entertaining show and we're really excited about it."
Kelley has two shows on the air, with The Practice on ABC and Boston Public on Fox.
Lyne said Thursday that ABC is talking with Kelley about bringing The Practice next season, while Fox Entertainment President Gail Berman seemed less certain about Boston Public's future during her remarks before the Television Critics Assocation in Hollywood on Friday.
Kelley renovated The Practice this year, dumping half the cast after ABC halved the show's license fee.
With James Spader in the lead, the show has been a strong number-two behind NBC's Law & Order: Criminal Intent on Sundays at 9 p.m.
Boston Public hasn't been faring as well in its Friday 9 p.m. slot, and will go into hiatus this March to be replaced by Wonderfalls.
Kelley has had two shows fail quickly in the past two years: girls club on Fox in 2002 and The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. on CBS last fall.
Kelley's partner in this drama project for ABC, Katims, was a creator of Relativity and Roswell and is Boston Public's showrunner.