ABC to Dingell: F-Word Sometimes Appropriate


ABC has declined to rule out the f-word entirely.

In a letter to Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.), who had asked whether the word was ever appropriate for broadcast TV, ABC, in effect, said yes. It pointed to Saving Private Ryan, where the profanity was uttered, noting the "special nature and quality of the film," and adding that it had provided extensive advisory and parental warnings.

But ABC also assured Dingell yesterday that it will comply with "all indecency rules adopted and articulated by Congress and the Federal Communications Commission."

It was responding to a request by the senior member of the House Telecommunications Subcommittee that all four major nets explain their indecency policies. Their responses were due Feb. 3. So far, ABC is the only letter to have been released by the subcommittee.