ABC Contemplates Life Without Regis


It appears that ABC’s planned revival of This Is Your Life with Regis Philbin as host is not to be.

The update of the classic show—in which celebrity guests are ambushed and subjected to a real-time biographical review—was conceived last fall as a six-episode series and marks the third attempted revival since the original debuted on NBC in 1952.

But Philbin tells B&C that the six-month option on his contract has run out. An ABC spokesperson says the network may still go forward with the show, but without Philbin, who declined to extend the option.

This is, of course, bad news for anyone who’s ever thought, "You know, I’m just not seeing enough of The Reege on TV."

The new Life had promised to supplement America’s primetime dose of Philbin, who has already made his triumphant post-Who Wants To Be a Millionaire return on NBC’s summer hit America’s Got Talent.

Alas, the nation will have to subsist on its weekday intake of Live With Regis and Kelly. And, of course, its twice-weekly portion of America’s Got Talent. And if the replays of Millionaire on Game Show Network won’t do, there’s always a good chance that Regis will turn up on Letterman.