ABC to Air Eli Stone Despite American Academy of Pediatrics’ Request

AAP: Show ‘Perpetuates the Myth that Vaccines Cause Autism’
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An ABC spokeswoman said the network is not canceling the premiere of new drama Eli Stone.

The American Academy of Pediatrics asked it to pull the premiere episode, which airs Jan. 31, complaining that it "perpetuates the myth that vaccines cause autism," calling it "the height of reckless irresponsibility."

The academy said no evidence has been found to link the two and it was concerned that parents who watched the show might choose not to immunize their kids. The episode features a multimillion-dollar jury award in a case in which the lawyer argued that a vaccine caused a child's autism.

ABC responded in a statement, "Eli Stone is a fictional television show. The characters, products and events depicted in the episode are all fictional. The story line plays on topical issues for dramatic effect, but its purpose is to entertain."