AAF Pushes PE


The American Advertising Federation said late Monday that it will help develop marketing plans for nonprofit PE4life, which promotes mandatory physical education programs in schools.

The advertising community has been under fire for marketing sweets and snacks to kids in the face of the growing health threat of childhood obesity. While advertisers have taken steps to address those marketing concerns, it has also pushed for more exercise programs for kids.

The AAF announcement came just hours after Congress and the FCC said they were forming a joint task force on the impact of marketing and media on childhood obesity with an eye toward possible regulatory or legislative solutions.

The Federal Trade Commission has also been active in bringing marketers and social scientists together to discuss the problem.

Saying the goal was to "increase awareness of the growing childhood obesity problem in the United States and to multiply the number of children living an active, healthy lifestyle," AAF Chairman Andy Jung said: "We're excited to be partners with an organization like PE4Life that inspires an active, healthy lifestyle through physical education in schools. We look forward to leveraging the talents of the AAF organization and its 50,000 members to promote this positive message."