AAAA's Praises Obesity Task Force


The American Association of Advertising Agencies Thursday praised the task force on media and obesity launched by Senator Sam Brownback with an assist from FCC Chairman Kevin Martin.

"We commend Chairman Martin and Senator Brownback for broadening the public policy conversation on obesity to include industry and media as well as consumer groups," said AAAA senior VP Adonis Hoffman.  It is currently a Republican-heavy bipartisan effort, but Brownback said they planned to reach out to both sides of the aisle.

Brownback and Martin both said in announcing the task force Wednesday that its goal was industry-government cooperation, not regulation.

Hoffman was all for it: "I hope the Task Force will lead to a solid public-private partnership and viable solutions to address a growing societal problem," he told B&C.

"Every credible study concludes there are many factors contributing to childhood obesity, including less physical education time in schools, parental choices in diet, and more time spent on computers," said Hoffman. "Advertising is way down on the list.

The task force is seeking input from a variety of sources, and Hoffman suggests some of that should accentuate the positive. "As food companies and advertisers continue to adjusted their messages to accentuate healthy choices, they should be applauded by policymakers for responsible action."