AAAA: No Pop-Ups, Crawls

American Association of Advertising Agencies: No problem with ‘bolder’ product-placement sponsorship identifications before or after show.

A key ad-industry representative said advertisers would have no problem with "bolder" product-placement sponsorship identifications before or after a show, but it would be "ridiculous" to require simultaneous pop-ups or crawls for paid product disclosure, as some are pushing for.

“We look forward to helping the FCC [Federal Communications Commission] sort out the reasonable from the ridiculous when it comes to sponsorship identification," said American Association of Advertising Agencies senior vice president and general counsel Adonis Hoffman.

That came in response to the FCC's announcement Thursday that it plans to adopt rules standardizing the size and length of those sponsorship identifications.

The FCC is also seeking comment on how it may have to adjust its rules on children's TV advertising.

Hoffman offered his comment that there were already rules in place. "As for the suggestion that children are being duped by product placements in shows," he said, "it is important to remember that the Children’s Television Act expressly mandates how much commercial advertising can appear in children’s programs and the FCC vigorously enforces those limits. We also should not lose sight of the fact that food companies have voluntarily taken the lead in significantly reducing the amount of advertising done on children’s programs. They have pulled licensed characters from ads and have committed to a serious self-regulatory framework."