3-8-2007: The TV News Report

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A Makeover for the Cable Box (WSJ)
The set-top cable TV box, long a drab but necessary electronic appendage, may be transformed following a Federal Communications Commission initiative that requires cable companies to deploy boxes with a removable security component starting in July.

XM-Sirius Set to Pay Artists if Merger Passes (WSJ)
A merged satellite-radio company would continue to pay artists for the right to broadcast their music, Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. Chief Executive Mel Karmazin told lawmakers.

A New Box From Sony Turns Videotapes Into Shiny DVD's (NYT)
Citizens of ancient cultures made no multimedia records of their own birthday parties, weddings or babies’ first steps. How tragic and boring. When they sat down in front of the TV after dinner at family gatherings, what on earth did they watch?