3-2-2007: The TV News Report

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Comedy Central Export Aims for Local Laughs (WSJ)
In January, Viacom began airing a German version of its Comedy Central network, in a strategy the company hopes will strengthen its toehold in one of the world's biggest media markets. It's the second international foray for Comedy Central after Poland, which debuted with a small digital channel in October.

Google courts Small YouTube Deals, and Very soon, A Larger One (NYT)
Google has been frustrated in its efforts to reach comprehensive deals with major studios and networks to put their video on YouTube. But in the meantime, it is forming partnerships with hundreds of smaller media companies that see value — or at least a valuable experiment — in contributing to the site.

Today's  Rating Loss is Early's  Gain (Variety)
NBC's dominant ayem franchise "Today" slipped in the ratings and CBS' "Early Show" appears to be picking up the loose change.

Candidates Get Their Tube (WSJ)
Searches for presidential candidates on YouTube are more likely to serve up off-key warblings of the Star Spangled Banner and other embarrassing gotcha moments than carefully crafted political messages.