2009 Cable Show: Cable Ad Execs Explore Advanced Advertising

Canoe, Comcast executives tout addressable advertising, thwarting fast-forwarding with Trick File

Cable Show 2009: Complete Coverage
Cable advertising industry executives are grappling with a roiling of the advertiser-supported model thanks to a flurry of technology including DVRs and IP video sites. But the same technology and elements that has upended the ad model, can also be harnessed to forge new business models that can ensure cable's viability in the multiplatform world.

The panel explored the business potential of advanced, targeted advertising. The demand for such advertising is driving the demand for a standardized national platform, said Arthur Orduna, CTO of Canoe Ventures, which is the whole reason d'etre of his company, a consortium of the top-six cable providers. Canoe is calling that platform the Common Advanced Advertising System, which will enable ad campaigns and interactive programming between programmers, said Orduna.

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