2-16-2007: The TV News Report

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Yahoo Tries to Protect Turf From TV Rivals (WSJ)
When the big TV networks stage their annual presentations for advertisers every spring, they go heavy on showbiz pizzazz. Yahoo -- trying to get a jump on the networks with its own event for marketers this week -- took a different approach.

Viewers Fast-Forwarding Past Ads? Not always (NYT)
It turns out that a lot of people with digital video recorders are not fast-forwarding and time-shifting as much as advertisers feared. According to new data released yesterday by the Nielsen Company, people who own digital video recorders, or DVRs, still watch, on average, two-thirds of the ads.

FCC Report Suggest Violence Limits (LATimes)
Congress could authorize the regulation of excessively violent television shows without violating the Constitution, according to a draft of a long-awaited report by the Federal Communications Commission, which also found that increased blood and mayhem on TV has at least short-term effects on children.

An the Oscar Winner is Big Event Television (NYT)
THE Super Bowl and Grammy Awards are barely memories, but Madison Avenue is already beating the drum for the next big live television event, the Oscars.

Silicon Valley Meets American Idol With Prizes to Inspire Investors (NYT)
Facing down stiff competition to win fame and big prize money? Forget singing for Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. Try sequencing DNA for a panel of technology investors.Yes, something like an “American Idol” for the technorati may be coming to Silicon Valley.

NBC Expands Executive Roles (WSJ)
NBC Universal's newly installed CEO Jeff Zucker shuffled the media giant's executive ranks in a bid to streamline operations and plug management holes following several high-profile departures.