2-14-2007: The TV News Report

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Liberty Media to Swap CBS Shares for Station (WSJ)
Adding to its pile of nonoperating castoffs, Liberty Media Corp. agreed to swap its 7.6 million shares of CBS Corp. for a CBS television station and about $170 million in cash. The transaction, worth roughly $235 million, helps cement Liberty Media's shift to a legitimate media player as it sheds passive investments for operating assets.

Is Radio Still Radio if there is Video (NYT)
The nation’s commercial radio stations have seen the future, and it is in, of all things, video. As a result, the stereotype of a silken-voiced jockey like Mr. Stryker, slumped and disheveled in the studio chair, may never be the same.

A Google Loss in Europe May Spur Other Lawsuits  (WSJ)
As media companies around the globe grapple with how they are compensated when their material is shared online, a Belgian court said Google Inc. can't post news articles from local newspapers on its Web sites in Belgium.

Still in Third Place, but Working Hard to Move Up (NYT)
On the “CBS Evening News” that same night, Katie Couric seemed to be reliving her heyday at NBC’s “Today” with a feature on the health benefits of napping. “The old saying ‘You snooze, you lose’ has it all wrong,” Ms. Couric said.

Wikia Launches Three Open Source Magazines (Wired)
Three new magazine-style wikis launched at Wikia.com today: Entertainment, Politics and Local.
The three sites are the first shots fired in a wide-reaching initiative to build an online, fully community-edited library of news sites.

Secret Nightline Pilots Filmed (NYO)
On the afternoon of Feb. 9, the cast and crew of ABC News’ Nightline convened quietly in the network’s Times Square studio to shoot two secret pilots of an hour-long version of the half-hour 11:30 p.m. news show, according to three sources familiar with the project.