12-7-06: The TV Industry News Report


News Corp. Poised to Regain Liberty's Stake (WSJ)A two-year standoff between News Corp. and its second-biggest shareholder, Liberty Media Corp., is nearing an end in a deal that will return Liberty to a powerful position in the media sector and solidify News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch's control of his company, say people close to the situation.

Murdoch and Malone Find a Way to Make Up  (NYT)
It was almost two years ago that Mr. Murdoch was stunned to learn that Mr. Malone, his friend and sometimes business partner, had bought a big voting stake in the News Corporation, a stake that could threaten Mr. Murdoch’s grip on the colossus he built over five decades.

Time Warner Lawsuit Finds a Surprise (NY Sun Via Mediabistro)
A $2.5 billion settlement of class-action securities lawsuits against Time Warner was hailed as one of the biggest in history when it was announced last year, but some who decided to opt out of the deal are faring much better than those who took it.

MTV Network Tries Male Bonding  (WSJ)
MTV Networks became a powerhouse as Madison Avenue's first stop for children and teens. Now the cable giant, facing slowing growth at its biggest networks, is out to persuade advertisers it is also a draw for young men.

Cable Rate Increases are Smallest in Years  (WSJ)
For years consumers have enjoyed falling phone rates thanks to increasing competition in the telecommunications business. Now competition is beginning to have a similar effect on how much households pay for television service.

Missing C-Net Editor and Father, James Kim, Found Dead (Boston Globe) A San Francisco man who got stranded in the snowy wilderness with his family nearly two weeks ago was found dead yesterday in a mountain creek, authorities said.

Four New Reality Shows About Women (Slate)
A number of nonfiction fantasies about women hit the air this week, and the Victoria's Secret show isn't the most absurd, just the flashiest.