12-5-06: The Daily TV Industry News Report


The Daily TV Industry News Report

Disney to Buy U.K. Sports Channel (WSJ)
Moving to televise more American sports in Europe and expand ESPN, Walt Disney Co. agreed to buy a London-based cable channel that has rights to sports leagues including the National Football League, Major League Baseball and National Hockey League.

Civil War Brouhaha Proves Network News Still has Clout (Baltimore Sun via Romenesko)
That so-called dinosaur, network TV news, let forth a loud roar last week. Who knew a fossil could make so much noise? The bellowing began Monday when NBC announced that it had decided to call the conflict in Iraq a civil war.

Ex-CNNer Kagan Says She's Become a More Spiritual Person (LATimes)
These days, instead of reporting live from CNN Center, the 43-year-old Daryn Kagan anchors a daily webcast in front of a blazing fireplace in her Atlanta home.

3 Members of CNET Editors Family Found Alive, Search on For Fourth (NYPost)
Unwilling to wait any longer, James Kim left his wife and two young children in their frozen, snowbound car and set off into the wilderness to seek help, wearing only tennis shoes, a sweater and a jacket. Now he is the one who needs help.