12-19-2006: The TV Industry News Report


Regan Attorney and News Corp. to Trade Accusations (WSJ)
Escalating an imbroglio that is captivating the book industry, an attorney for fired publisher Judith Regan and a spokesman for her former employer traded versions of a telephone conversation that led to Ms. Regan's termination last Friday. New Dispute Over Firing of Publisher (NYT)

AT&T Raises TV Stakes  (WSJ)
Telecommunications titan AT&T Inc. is cranking up the competition between the telephone and cable industries by adding 27 high-definition channels to its fledgling TV service, more than most major cable rivals offer.

Holiday Coverage With a Difference (Poynter)
For many assigning editors, photojournalists and reporters, the rush for holiday stories begins in earnest this week.

Virtual Rock is a Real Hit for MTV  (NYT)
For MTV, a new association with a video game called Guitar Hero is opening a path back to that network’s roots in music.But it doesn’t mean there won’t soon be some kind of reality television version of the hugely popular game.

Alec Baldwin is on the Phone, and it's Nothing Personal  (NYT)
Tens of thousands of fans of the NBC show “30 Rock” (or their friends or colleagues) have had the unusual experience over the last week of picking up their phones to hear the voice of Alec Baldwin addressing them by name and wishing them a happy holiday.