11-29-06: The AM News Report


11-29-06:  The AM News Report

Parsons Hails Raider Icahn's Impact on TW  (NYPost) At war just a year ago, Time Warner chief Dick Parsons is now lauding raider Carl Icahn for putting a fire under the company.

BBC Loses Chief to Rival ITV  (WSJ) The British Broadcasting Corp. is reeling just as one of the world's oldest and most-venerable public broadcasters faces a particularly sensitive fight over its future funding after its chairman resigned.

Wall Mart Plans to Test Online Films  (NYT) Wall Mart, the country’s largest seller of movies, announced that next year it will begin testing a video download service on its Web site. Wal-Mart did not reveal its partners.

Raul Velasco, Mexican TV Personality, Dies  (NYT) Raúl Velasco, the host of one of Mexico’s most popular and enduring television programs, “Siempre en Domingo,” died on Sunday at his home in Acapulco. He was 73.

Civil War and Civil Language: Word Choice in the Newsroom  (Poynter)
The role of journalists is to find language that describes the world accurately and efficiently. But using "civil war" to describe the situation in Iraq does neither.