11-14-06: The AM Report


11-14-06: THE AM REPORT

NBC Staffers Brace for Layoffs
(Wash Post Via Romenesko)
NBC News employees are bracing this week as the network news division undergoes a pre-Thanksgiving round of layoffs, part of a corporate-wide restructuring announced last month.

New Tivo Features Allows Sharing of Video   (WSJ) The Alviso, Calif., company today plans to unveil several new features designed to enhance the array of content available to TiVo users to download from the Internet for playback on television sets.

Clear Channel Buyout Talks  Fuel Concern  (WSJ)  Like senior executives at many companies swept up in the wave of leveraged buyouts, those at Clear Channel Communications Inc., the nation's largest holder of radio stations, stand to profit -- and keep their jobs -- if the company, as expected, accepts a bid to take it private.

The Most Confusing Ad on Television  (Slate) After seeing this ad roughly 37,000 times, I finally said to myself (and this happened only because I write a column about advertising), "Wow, I've seen this ad 37,000 times, and not once have I paid any attention to it. I still don't remember what they're trying to sell me."
With a Dish, Broadband Goes Rural (NYT) With a 26-inch dish outside his home and a modem inside, Mr. Clark now connects to the Internet at speeds similar to those offered by the phone company.

Ellen Pompeo Gets Engaged (People via TVtattle)

George Forman to Star In Reality Show (NYT)