1-8-2007: The TV Industry News Report

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Network Deals Undercut Cable TV (WSJ)
In a spate of deals that could undercut the role of cable and satellite companies, several TV networks including Nickelodeon, Showtime and Starz have reached agreements with Microsoft Corp. to let people watch their Web programming on TV sets.

Satellite Television in a Portable Box (NYT)
The result of his obsessive handiwork will be on display today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, when DirecTV will unveil the Sat-Go, a mobile satellite and television system weighing about 25 pounds that will sell for $1,000 to $1,300.

Oprah Sued by Injured Audience Member (The Smoking Gun)
 woman who claims she was trampled during a scramble for seats at a taping of the Oprah Winfrey show is suing the TV star's production company.

CNN Adding Weekend Investigative Series (LATimes)
Heartened by the success it's found with documentaries about Osama bin Laden and waste in the federal government, CNN is debuting a new weekly investigative series this month to showcase long-form pieces by some of the network's best-known correspondents.

Sony Plans Online Video Link for TV's (WSJ)
SonyCorp. says it will help users of its televisions watch video from the Internet, joining rivals as they aim to capitalize on the growing popularity of video clips online.

New Dolby TV Feature Aims to Level Volume (WSJ)
Television watchers have long suffered from a big annoyance -- some channels, programs and commercials are much louder than others. Dolby Laboratories Inc. believes it has the answer.

Personal Computer to Carry in Your Pocket (NYT) The world of desktop computing is finally going mobile, and the shift can be seen in the explosive growth of wireless data for cellular carriers.

Singing Puppets But Without the Expletives (NYT) AS the lead actor of Broadway’s “Avenue Q,” John Tartaglia explored the what-might-have-been adult life for children’s puppets, and it was definitely an R-rated universe.