1-30-2007: The TV Industry News Report

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Revlon Bets Big on Super Bowl (WSJ)
Hoping to make a big splash with a new women's hair-coloring product, Revlon is going where few other women's products have gone before -- the Super Bowl.In the wake of two disappointing product launches over the past year, the New York beauty company controlled by billionaire Ron Perelman is under pressure to show better results.

Russert: I am Not The Source of the Plame Leak (AP via MB)
NBC News reporter Tim Russert said Monday that he did not tell vice presidential aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby that a prominent war critic's wife worked at the CIA, as Libby has claimed.

TV Vets Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun Form Production Company (LATimes)
Two of the television industry's biggest names are forming a company to produce TV programs, movies and Internet entertainment, according to four people familiar with the plan

House, Already Strong, Gets a Boost (NYT)
Even after a couple of weeks of giddy two-hour ratings for “American Idol” on Tuesday nights, the Fox network has no trepidation in turning to a drama to follow “Idol” at 9 this Tuesday, because the drama in question, “House,” is already the strongest scripted hour that Fox has to offer.