1-29-2007: The TV Industry News Report


Super Bowl Ads Get Sponsors (WSJ)
The Super Bowl, almost as famous for the TV commercials that interrupt it as for the game itself, now has some marketers buying ads to sponsor the ads -- at least online.
Several Web sites rerunning the ads from the game as part of polls asking viewers to pick their favorite commercials have begun to cash in on the millions of people who visit their sites in the days after the game.

Nielsen Ratings Go To College (NYT)
For decades, Nielsen Media Research has affixed the same value to every college student watching television while away at school: zero. As a result, industry executives have complained for years that shows appealing to a younger audience have been underrated.

News Corp. to Buy Part of ROO Group (WSJ)
News Corp. is expected to announce today that it agreed to buy as much as 10% of ROO Group Inc., an online video-technology provider. The deal, valued around $12 million, hinges in part on News Corp. reaching revenue goals using ROO's technology.

CitiGroup and CNBC Cozy Up (NYT)
Which brings us to the question: why was Maria Bartiromo, the popular anchor on the business news channel CNBC, making command appearances at the request of Citigroup — and many other companies — that sit dead center in Ms. Bartiromo’s beat as the daily host of “Closing Bell With Maria Bartiromo” and the host of “The Wall Street Journal Report With Maria Bartiromo,” a nationally syndicated television show?

Lime Launches Web Channel (WSj)
Lime, a health-oriented media concern owned by Steve Case's Revolution Living LLC, launched a broadband channel and said it would phase out its traditional cable-TV network.The advertising-supported Web site will feature original video focused on nutrition, the environment and related issues.