YouTube Can Be Prssident


I haven’t quite gotten used to CNN’s NBA All-Star Game meets Gong Show feel to the debates it is co-sponsoring with YouTube.

Last time it was a snowman. This time it was a singing intro for all the candidates, who had to stand and smile through it all like the good sports they are forced to be.

There is a legitimate debate to be had about these debates and the degree to which they turn the process into a sideshow, with high-fives and hooting and questions that sometimes seem like speeches followed by a question mark.

CNN is obviously not trying to attract me, but the millions of young people who could determine their political fates if they would vote in only slightly higher numbers. Those who do not support the present administration but who did not vote in the last election have  nobody to blame but themselves. Make that the last two elections. In either case they could have easily made the difference between victory and defeat for a host of candidates, including most obvoiusly the top sopt.

But I think there is room for all kinds of debate formats, and there is certainly no lack of debates in this extended political season. One can hardly expectorate without hitting one, including several new ones from ABC/Facebook in the queue.