Women's Murder Club: ABC


“Besides competing with "Dirty Sexy Money" for the most attention-getting title of the new television season, Women’s Murder Club seems to offer some decent dramatic promise.” (New York Daily News

Women’s Murder Club is a terrible name for a criminal procedural, since it evokes a cozy, book-group-like girlfriendiness that can only seem like a sexist way to come at the genre. And the first pilot, sent out months ago, did, alarmingly enough, exude many of these qualities…. Somewhere Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly quietly wept. Their, or someone’s, lamentations must have been heard because the Women’s Murder Club that premieres tonight is astonishingly changed, completely for the better…. [T]he show looks to be a smart, stylish crime drama that just happens to revolve around a group of women as so many have revolved around men….It isn’t the newest dramatic tension ever visited on female protagonists, but sadly, the balancing act between love and work or family and work remains as relevant as it was when visited on Mary Tyler Moore or That Girl. There is a definite Sex and the City meets CSI vibe to Women’s Murder Club but it’s a good vibe.” (Los Angeles Times)

“Sometimes, you have to settle for falling in like…. The truth is, we’re not always in the mood for some insightful, probing examination of the human condition. There are nights when all we want is an hour of reasonably proficient entertainment, something that neither taxes our brains nor insults our intelligence. Something like ABC’s Women’s Murder Club…It would be nice if the exposition were less clunky and the show did more to capture what is special about its San Francisco setting…. But unlike so many fall clunkers, it’s competent. This season, that’s a rather select club. (USA Today)

“Can’t women be lovable jerks, too?” asks Denver Post critic Joanne Ostrow. “Helen Mirren’s Detective Inspector Jane Tennison on Prime Suspect manages. In ancient TV history, Candice Bergen’s Murphy Brown fit the bill. But in this drama dealing with CSI-style realistic grit, the heroine’s humanity is frustratingly muted." 

“The first thing to know about Women’s Murder Club, ABC’s newest entry into the crowded crime-procedural genre, is that it’s as much a chick-bonding show as a murder-solving one. Which is good and bad, depending on what you’re looking for to fill the television dead zone that is Friday nights…. For those pining for some rapid-fire girl talk, though, the show does have its moments….” (The Washington Post

Women’s Murder Club…is proof that ABC will apply the Grey’s Anatomy formula to just about anything…. Perhaps ABC figures that having female characters endlessly question their own competence is a fresh and interesting variation on its winning soap formula. But the whole self-doubt premise is simplistic and just a little condescending…." (The Chicago Tribune

“This ‘women’s’ show is such an embarrassing mess, it makes me ashamed to be a woman,” says New York Post critic Linda Stasi. “Perhaps the horror of the bad writing, worse acting, awful plots and women so shallow they make Jessica Simpson look deep is the fault of the executive producer/creep Joe Simpson, father of Jessica, who once said about his own kid, "She’s got double D’s! You can’t cover those suckers up!" No, but they should cover this sucker up. Fast"

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