Woman Learns English From Cable News


A Brazilian women is crediting Tampa ’s Bay News 9 channel for teaching her to speak English. Two years ago, Anne Smith arrived in Florida without knowing a word of English (they speak Portuguese in Brazil, but I know you knew that already), and couldn’t afford language classes.

So she watched Bright House Network’s Bay News 9. Over and over and over (”24/7,” she says in pretty darn good English), until she had a grasp of the language.

Smith, who’s 21, was on the WLKF (Lakeland, FL) radio program “Mayhem in the AM” yesterday morning (Bay News 9 talent appears on WLKF), talking about her unorthodox language lessons. One of the first phrases she mastered: “Weather on the 9s!”, of course.

I’m not sure why local cable news was a better language lesson for Anne than game shows or soap operas or Home Shopping Network, but it appears to have worked for her.

Her husband Mike, who’s American, said he hopes to learn Spanish by watching Bay News 9 En Espanol.