Will she or won't she? Will he or won't he?


Two conflicting reports just came out about Nancy Tellem, former president of CBS Network Television Entertainment, and Jeff Gaspin, chairman of NBC Universal TV Entertainment.

Deadline.com reports that Comcast’s talks with Tellem about taking a TV operations job in New York are ongoing, while The Hollywood Reporter instead reports that Tellem  is not getting the gig because former Showtime President Robert Greenblatt, said to be taking over NBC’s entertainment division, refuses to answer to her. THR also reports that Gaspin is out of the running for that operations job and will be leaving the company, while Deadline just posted that Gaspin says no he’s not.

Wait, now The Wrap just weighed in via Twitter: “no one’s told jeff gaspin that he’s out of a job. no one at comcast says he’s out of a job. and gaspin did NOT meet with comcast in ny.”

Hmmm. Clearly all of these people have this story down cold.

Deadline also continues to report that Comcast will make some sort of an announcement on Monday, Nov. 15. I hope that’s true because putting an end to all this speculation will at least be a relief to all of the poor NBC employees left twisting in the wind over these decisions.