Who Wants To Date Brad Garrett?


Viewers may recognize Brad Garrett from his role as Robert Barone on the long-running sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, or as Eddie Stark on the Fox series ‘Til Death, well now fans can get to know him a little better. By dating him.

Yes, Sony’s Crackle.com has picked up a new reality series, Dating Brad Garrett. Garrett will go on blind dates with 10 lucky ladies for the show, serenading them about town with his deep voice and huge stature. Seriously, the man is huge, I’ve seen him.

But how will the dates in question be chosen? Why, by Garrett’s ex-wife of course! Yes, the comedian’s ex-wife, as well as his urologist, among others, will review the online submissions from potential suitors, selecting those that will get the grand “prize.”

"An online dating show seemed like a logical choice given that I’m in the midst of a mid-life crisis, and adverse to pain, which makes getting my ear pierced out of the question," Garrett said, announcing the program. "And since I’m not picky about my choices, I hope women of all sizes, shapes and colors will be compelled to submit their videos."

Dating Brad Garrett will premiere this fall on Crackle.com, YouTube, Hulu, AOL Video and a number of mobile television services.

Oh, and ladies, if you want to submit a video to appear on the show, and you know you want to, go here.