Who Needs Rupert? Or Sumner? Or Brian?

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The changes caused by media going digital has only begun. And, according to BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield, the pace of change is accelerating.

The Internet is creating powerful new avenues for distribution and promotion for the people who create content. For better or worse, look at Charlie Sheen, or perhaps Glenn Beck, as examples of talent attempting to go over the top to consumers without the muscle of traditional media.

“Consumer recognizable content that begins its life on the web and where ownership does not ultimately reside within a content gatekeeper company controlled by Bewkes, Iger, Malone, Murdoch, Redstone, Roberts, or Stringer is coming,” Greenfield says.

Over time, these changes will mean more money for talent, higher costs for established media and more choice for consumers–which will hurt ratings, he says.

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