Who are the media's most fascinating people of 2009?


On this day – to be forever known as the day they finally freakin’ announced the Comcast NBCU merger after what seems like several years of speculation – I was going to write yet another blog about Jeff Zucker. Why? Because I’ve written two others and I figured I should follow up since what’s been speculated for months is now official.

Yet, like you, I find I am bored of the subject. Perhaps that’s because I’ve never heard so much about a merger before it actually happened as this one. (I think we media types are overexcited because we haven’t had a good gigantic media merger to cover at least since this godforsaken recession hit, and talking about misery every day gets tedious.)

Then I read this tidbit: Barbara Walters considers Glen Beck fascinating! She also considers Sarah Palin, Kate Gosselin, Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Brett Favre, Tyler Perry, Jenny Sanford (wife of that cheating governor of South Carolina, although cheating seems to be the new married), and Michael Jackson’s three children — Paris, Prince Michael and Prince Michael II (aka Blanket) fascinating. If you’re counting, that’s 11 people and Walters promises to present some other fascinating people along the way as well, so this “10 Most” title is a bit misleading. “Fascinating” is also a bit misleading. Scandalous is more like it.

Anyway, that got me thinking. Who are the 10 most fascinating media people of 2009? Maybe Jeff Zucker – or Brian Roberts or Steve Burke, although 2010 might really be their year since that’s when the real work of this merger will get done. Maybe this merger will manage to make FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski fascinating because so far … oh wait, I nodded off there for a minute.

Oprah’s been extra fascinating this year. Tiger Woods has been a little too fascinating lately. Tina Fey and her many Emmys and few viewers never cease to fascinate (and amuse) me. And as long as we’re talking about Emmy winners with small audiences, Mad Men EP Matt Weiner deserves a mention.

From there, my fascinations start to delve into the niche – Dr. Oz, Glee’s Ryan Murphy, Top Chef’s Voltaggio brothers. I’m not sure I can nominate any of those with real seriousness.

So I put it to you: Who do you think are the most fascinating media personalities of 2009? Leave a reply in the comments or Tweet me @PaigeA or @BCFates. If I get enough responses, I’ll post the results.