WHO Anchor's Bikini Photo Goes Viral for Right Reasons

Des Moines' Erin Kiernan fights body shaming

A photo of an Iowa anchorwoman in a bikini has gone big-time viral, albeit in a good way.

On July 4, Erin Kiernan, who works at Tribune’s NBC affiliate WHO in Des Moines, Iowa, posted a two-year-old photo of herself in a bathing suit on Facebook.

With it, Kiernan wrote about her ongoing inner battle with body image, saying she was “horrified” when she first saw the photo. She vowed to keep her own body shaming in check.

“I am going to try to monitor both my inner dialogue and what I say out loud in an effort to eradicate this sort of negativity,” she wrote, drawing thumbs up from thousands around the web.

The post was the latest on the topic from Kiernan, who has long struggled with body image issues.

She wrote that she felt like the “biggest hypocrite” after posting an essay last spring called “Put On Your Damn Swimsuit,” when she wouldn’t do so herself.

And in April, Kiernan blasted critics who panned the new mom selfie she posted, showing what she looks like tired, with no makeup and holding “a very crabby baby.”