When Reporters Attack


Sports reporters and photogs have been throwing their weight around pretty good of late. Last weekend, New York Giants linebacker Chase Blackburn nearly ruptured his ear drum when a reporter bumped into him as he Q-Tipped his ear. According to ESPN.com, the 247-pound Blackburn dropped to the floor with a bleeding ear and lost the ability to hear on that side. 

Another New York athlete took a knock at the hands of a reporter this week, as Yankees first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz injured his ankle before yesterday’s playoff game when he collided with a freelance YES Network cameraman. ESPN.com says Mientkiewicz was walking up a ramp at Jacobs Field in Cleveland just as the cameraman was walking backwards with the camera rolling. Mientkiewicz looked doubtful to start the first game of the division series, but ended up playing the first four innings. 

The cameraman wasn’t so lucky–he was sacked.