That Was the War That Was


Few programming announcements have depressed me more than CNN's did on Friday out of the press tour in Pasadena.

It even tops the news in my dimly remembered childhood that My World and Welcome To It had been yanked after, I think, only one season. It was a delightfully quirky 1970's comedy that featured William Windom–yes, the torutred "Matt Decker" of Star Trek episode fame–in a show loosely based on the short stories of James Thurber.

But I digress, and I must now get very serious..

CNN has given a full series order This Week at War, a series of news analysis shows that have aired over the past month.

Sadly, they are right, of course. With Iraq and Afghanistan and now what seems the entire Middle East, there is enough fodder for a continuing series on our inability to avoid blowing each other up. The international stars, who I am sure would much prefer just being plain folks back home,  are our sons and daughters and fathers and brothers and cousins and friends and uncles and aunts and…..

Bless them, and let's work at obviating the need for another week of This Week at War.

By John Eggerton