VMAs, Part Five--Diddy and a Little 'Sunshine'


Diddy-who surfaced online yesterday relieving himself on tape…on purpose-intros the rapper TI and a crowd of dancing little kids. Jared Leto, who in the eyes of many will always be known as Jordan Catalano (My So-Called Liife), presents All American Rejects best group video with the girl from Evanescence. The lead singer accpets saying he's "gonna get SO trashed tonight." Nice role modeling for the lower half of MTV's 12-24 audience.

Ne-yo and Rhianna present the inaugural ringtone of the year award to Fort Minor whose lead singer accepts with a lengthy speech failing to acknowledge that he's won a video music award not for a video but a seconds-long annoying, if money-making, cell phone song tone. Panic at the Disco perfroms a circus-themed song and Fergie and the adorable girl from Little Miss Sunshine present Best New Artist to metal act Avenged Sevenfold.

By Anne Becker