Vital ‘Idol’ Amended

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Today’s NY Timesreports that half of the odd duo from the other night’s Idol is, presumably, mentally handicapped. (The Times found Jonathan Jayne’s bio online, in which he mentions participating in the Special Olympics.) With that in mind, I’d like to amend yesterday’s post that called Wednesday's edition of Idol laugh out loud funny. Laughing at fully functional people, such as software programmer Nicholas Zitzmann, who are too dopey to realize they’re appalling singers is funny. Laughing at the mentally handicapped is not. Fox went too far.

And for what it’s worth, Jayne’s performance (he sang “God Bless America”) really wasn’t all that awful. Certainly not good enough to earn a ticket to Hollywood, but not embarrassing either.

Kenneth “Bush Baby” Briggs, on the other hand, was just plain bad.

By Michael Malone