Viewers Share on GM's Passing


WECT Wilmington readers are sharing their thoughts on the death of general manager Karl Davis, who died in a motorcycle crash on Saturday. Davis is known in the market for his Consider This commentaries on everything from the perils of drinking and driving to preventing foreclosures.

The viewer comments reveal what an essential member of the community Davis was.

"He will be greatly missed. Consider This was a fabulous addition to the news. I can’t even express the words.  A huge loss for the community and all those who respected this great man." -Kim Venturo, Myrtle Beach

"I can’t believe it, can’t believe he’s not here…I think he would be shocked at the impact he had made, I don’t think he ever saw it and I don’t think he ever wanted any pats on the back for it. I think he would be astounded a the people absolutely devastated with us losing him." -Connie Majure-Rhett; Chamber of Commerce

"…I remember this because for three years my Psychosocial-Rehab program traveled to tour the Station.  He always was there to answer their questions and talk with them. The consumers of course enjoyed the tour and everyone their took time with them, but to their surprise the manager took that time.  You don’t know how often they spoke of that….I hope your next manager will have the same kind of heart. The heart that took time out for people from Duplin County. God bless all of you in this time." -Margaret Vincent, QP,BSW