View On Washington

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I am incredibly happy that Isaiah Washington has sought treatment for his anger/homophobia issues and is trying to put the problem behind him.

Is it because I like the actor? Well, no, I don't know him and am fonder of half a dozen other Grey's cast members. Is it because I want him to change as a person? I do, of course, but, no that's not the reason.

It is a totally selfish desire not to have to type "Isaiah" again for a while. That is the single toughest name for me to type repeatedly that I have ever come across. It is a finger-twister, which is the typing version of a tongue-twister.

I dare you to try to type the name fast without transposing the "a's" and "i's" or coming out with an embarassing "haha" on the end.

Or maybe it's just me.

By John Eggerton