Vegas Idea, Part II


I forgot in talking about ABC's Vegas-themed sweeps offerings its planned show with alleged DC Madam (Mayflower Madam was already taken) Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

A Vegas tribute would hardly be complete without an "escourt" service of dubious rep (without prejudging Palfrey, of course, who says her service was on the up and up.

In fact, on the cable news cycle Monday, she was being quoted as criticizing former Bush official Randall Tobias for not coming clean sooner. Tobias, after being contacted by ABC, resigned admitting he had used the service, but maintaining that it was only for a massage.

Palfrey said that kind of testimonial was just the sort of "extremely valuable exculpatory evidence" she needed to clear her good name.

I wouldn't be surprised if she couldn't get a number of the thousands of names on her client list to say the same thing, but only after they have been outed I fear.

Anyway, to star impersonators, weddings and gambling, add a madam to the ABC mix. All they need is a Wayne Newton 20/20 segment and a "Win the Rest of Howard Hughes' Estate" reality show to make the picture (painted on black velvet) complete.

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By John Eggerton